My Project My Mission

I know the value of food,

Food is a fuel each and every human being required food to survive on planet i have seen many poor and needy people don't get food on time its difficult for some people to get food both the time.

AS i Know i m a treaveller neither i m a permenent on planet, nor i promise for tommorow. I decided to start ANNA SHATRA i.e That is food availability free of cost to all needy people, no relagious no cast human for human. God create human being not religion.

Money is not everthing, money is a medium of exchange, car bunglow glamour stylish looks and luxurious life is and secoundry requirment first primery requirmnet for human being is food, food helps to stay healthy.

My plan to provide food as much as possible to poor needy and desiable people and children i wish to satisfy as much as people with the help of food.

I don't have any excpetion from anyone its my own thoughts and my own battle field i will do my level best to help my human being.

Please pray for my work and support me with yours good wishes.

If you fill my karma is good for humanity please join me, support me, help me, stand next to me, because we all are tourist on a planet an we have to look after our co-passanger

God+ Divine+ Spiritual+ Meditation = this all importent prestige words BUT difficult to understand on empty stomach.

I need your bessling guidence and well wishes


At yours services

Parag L Dave


(Very soon our own hospital project coming in Mumbai Pune Highway)